Tech and Stage Plan

Show format

The full show is in two 50-minute parts with an interval, and with sub-titling in Irish and English – or the host-venue’s main language. It can also be of shorter duration where required in festivals.

Convenient for all sizes of venues and occasions, it can be done acoustically or with a host’s PA, and can either use in-house projection and screens or, where resources are limited, can use its own equipment. A printed programme is provided for each performance.

Turas is versatile, and is as much suited to a free-standing concert night or music festival headline as it is for ‘edu-tainment’ in Irish-Studies, College or School events. But it is primarily a music performance, an alliance of the auditory, the visual, the aesthetic and the cultural, designed as a satisfying, multidimensional artistic experience.

Technical Requirements and Stage Plan

As in the photograph: five seats and mike stations are required, and five standard chairs. An additional microphone is required for the dance area. A sheet of hard vinyl or hardboard (2m x 1m approximately) is required for dance. Lighting should be on the performers and not on the screen. A large back-projected or front-ceiling-projected screen is required behind the performers. (Shadows are eliminated by both back projection and ceiling-mounted front projection).

Companach on tour in Bruxelles and Luxembourg